Connections Exhibition

First Place Winner: Genie Hien Tran

10.8231° N, 106.6297° E – Genie Hien Tran

2nd Place Winner: Dawn Wing

Buena Vista- Dawn Wing

Heart Mountain Pilgrimage 1st Place Winner: Juliane Shibata

Quatrefoils – Juliane Shibata

Heart Mountain Pilgrimage 2nd Place Winner: Nancy Xiong

Take Off Your Shirt, Take Off Your Hat – Nancy Xiong

Gigi Bocek – Artist Statement / Submission

lisa and renee – Gigi Bocek

Laura Boller Artist Statement / Submission

Apology to myself- Laura Boller
Korean Tiger – Laura Boller

Amina Brewer Artist Statement / Submission

Woman With Lotus
Woman With Lotus – Amina Brewer – Youth

Sam Greene Artist Statement / Submission

Tibetan Gothic – Sam Greene


B is for Buddhess – Sam Greene
the Class – Sam Greene

Jadzia Lahn Artist Statement / Submission

Asian Culture in Minneapolis 1 – Jadzia Lahn
Asian Culture in Minneapolis 2 – Jadzia Lahn
Asian Culture in Minneapolis 3 – Jadzia Lahn

Nicole Middendorf Artist Statement / Submission

Celebration – Nicole Middendorf

Juliane Shibata Artist Statement / Submission

Quatrefoils – Juliane Shibata – *Heart Mountain Pilgrimage 1st Place Winner*
Violets and Irises – Juliane Shibata
Still Lifes – Juliane Shibata

Savanna Thao Artist Statement / Submission

Locked – Savanna Thao
Hmask Up – Savanna Thao

Genie Hien Tran Artist Statement / Submission

Self-Portrait – Genie Hien Tran
Beginnings – Genie Hien Tran
10.8231° N, 106.6297° E – Genie Hien Tran – *First Place Winner*

Anna Truong Artist Statement / Submission

LNY Tiger
LNYTiger – Anna Truong

Dawn Wing Artist Statement / Submission

Breathe – Dawn Wing
Buena Vista- Dawn Wing – *Second Place Winner*


Nancy Xiong Artist Statement / Submission

Take Off Your Shirt, Take Off Your Hat – Nancy Xiong – *Heart Mountain Pilgrimage 2nd Place Winner*

Connections accepted submissions for artwork until May 10th.

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center and Twin Cities JACL hosted the digital exhibition Connections to capture an artistic profile of Minnesota’s Asian Pacific residents. Visual art and poetry will be considered.

To be eligible: any artistic mediums (including poetry) were accepted so long as they can be photographed. Applicants must be of Asian Pacific identity and reside for most of the year in the state of Minnesota. People of any age may apply and subject matter can be anything related to the artist’s identity, personal history, activism, or culture.

There is no submission fee. Artists may submit up to 3 pieces.

Three winners were chosen by juror Emi Nijiya.

First prize: $200
Second prize: $100
Additional prize: tickets to the Heart Mountain pilgrimage 2022

Winners were notified by May 25.

Emi Nijiya, Juror
Emi is a trans/non-binary, half Japanese artist and has been tattooing for 10 years. Their focus in art is mainly portrait work and realism, but they work in geometric and illustrative styles as well. Emi has worked in the arts most of their life. They currently own a shop in south Minneapolis called Jackalope Tattoo. The tattoo industry is very cishet white male dominated and they have made it their priority to give an environment to their clientele that is welcoming, safe and not intimidating. The shop’s mission is to provide a safe space for women, the LGBTQIA+ community and POC.


Content Warning: The following gallery contains photographs of medical tattoos for breast cancer survivors and transgender clients.


If you have any questions, please email