Littlest Angels #3 – Dawn Wing

“Littlest Angels” is a book sculpture that connects to the book’s theme on faith, miracles and angels, but also with my own spiritual awe and solace that I find in the natural world everyday. During the process of creating this piece, I experienced curiosity, surprise, joy, peace and gratitude especially for the nourishing gifts I receive from nature and from what my ancestors, loved ones and community continually provide me in the form of care and compassion. As an independent, non-religiously affiliated Asian American woman living solo, I navigate through public spaces on my own frequently, some days with less ease and more angst than others. I believe in little angels, and believe that one is watching over me wherever I go. I have felt and experienced their protections during traumatic instances of anti-Asian hate during COVID, and in other iterations of trauma over the course my life as well. As I embark upon deepening and integrating my artistic and spiritual practices together, I have been developing rituals to honor and pray to various angels (including teachers, friends and mentors, past and present) guiding me through this life. “Littlest Angels” is certainly evidence of this artistic/spiritual journey. Here is a link to the cover text in accessible PDF format: