Power of Truth Teacher Award

Each year, the TCJACL Education Committee presents the Power of Truth Teacher Award  in remembrance of:

  • 120,000 American civilians of Japanese descent forced to leave their homes during World War II and
  • 30,000 Japanese American WWII soldiers who served either in military intelligence or fought with the 100/442nd RCT

Any parent, student, or colleague (or teachers themselves) can nominate a Minnesota educator in grades K-12 (not limited to a classroom teacher) they feel goes beyond the required Minnesota curriculum standards in teaching about the Japanese American experience during WWII.

Qualified candidates:

  • Teach about Japanese American World War II experience beyond required Minnesota curriculum guidelines
  • Inspire youth to protect democratic ideals, to promote tolerance of our diverse American citizenry, and to prevent violations of constitutional rights from occurring again

Nominations are due by June 15 of each year and the winner will be announced that fall. Winners will be honored with a monetary award and recognized at our chapter’s Fall Banquet.

There are two ways to nominate a teacher (please choose one):

For more information or to request a nomination form be sent to you, please contact Sally Sudo at ssudo@comcast.net or (952) 835-7374.

Online Application

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