Asian Culture in Minneapolis 2 – Jadzia Lahn

I initially just walked into the store, on my way of exploring Nicollett Ave. When I explained my project, the employees were enthusiastic that someone was making a project on Asian Culture. They made jokes of who was the funniest, and who were the models of the pictures I was producing. Beauty Salons/Nail Salons were heavily important to Asian-Americans, as it gave jobs to many Asian Women alike, especially to Viet-Immigrants during the 70s. During my time there I met a Japanese-American woman named Tanko, who served in the secret service during the cold war. She was an immigrant from Sendai, with a family that were honored Samurai, she explained how hard working the Japanese were. And it felt like I was at home, talking with my grandmother Tamiko, even though she passed in 2015. My grandmother was a very hardworking woman, and just like Tanko, came during the Korean War. Tanko told me that she was proud that I was in school, working hard, because that was the Japanese spirit. I think that day I heard the words I needed, the words my grandmother could not say anymore. Truly, I was home again… Tanko didn’t want any photos, which I was respectful of. I feel like that day, some god gave me what I needed to hear, pieces of my grandmother, a culture.