Youyaku: Summary    




Overview, Timelines and Bibliographies




Manzanar National Historic Site

Reading list


KQED website about Angel Island

Immigration from Japan


Japanese American Internment Camps

Summary, documents, photographs, bibliography


Race, Racism, and the Law--Vernellia Randall



Ohio State University

Summary of Japanese internment, also at YouTube  

Huffington Post

Abraham Foxman, Anti-Defamation League and Floyd Mori, JACL  

Center for Asian American Media


Discussion Questions


Classroom Activities


Northwest College

Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project--Summary of internment  

Teaching Tolerance

A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center  

Wing Luke Asian American Museum

Student Reader to accompany lesson


Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego






Japanese American organizations

University Websites with a Japanese American focus

Overview, timelines and bibliographies


US Government Websites

Faculty Websites

Documents and historical footage



Military Intelligence Service and 442nd RCT




Lesson Plans

Demographic overview of Japanese Americans


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