Rekishi: History    








Exhibit on Japanese American farm labor camps during World War II  

Minnesota Historical Society

MIS at Fort Snelling


MN Goes to War-Dave Kenney

See Google Books excerpt: p. 87-94 (search: relocated)  

Smithsonian Institution


Museum of the City of San Francisco

Internment of SF Japanese


Topaz Museum

See also Southern Poverty Law Center


Japanese American History Archives

Photo Collection 1

Photo Collection 2


Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Papers of former National Nisei Student Relocation Council participant  

Manzanar Virtual Museum








Japanese American organizations

University Websites with a Japanese American focus

Overview, timelines and bibliographies


US Government Websites

Faculty Websites

Documents and historical footage



Military Intelligence Service and 442nd RCT




Lesson Plans

Demographic overview of Japanese Americans


Newspaper articles